WH Alagro Sofa Manual Recliner 3+2+1 - Black (CH 14-55710)

IDR 33,100,000.00 175,800,000.00
WH Alagro Sofa Manual Recliner 3+2+1 - Black (CH 14-55710) 4 4
Create a warm and welcoming setting for your family with this reclining sofa. Wrapped in durable PU Vinyl, this sofa set adds a stylish look to your home while easy to maintain. The wide seat and backrest are filled with a padded sponge to provide a cozy space to unwind. Meanwhile, it reclines up to 140 degrees so you can stretch out at the end of a long day. Get your inner space updated with this super cool manual recliner.

Alagro - Black Sofa (Fabric) CH 14-55710

Dimension : P225 x L90 x T100 cm
Material : Fabric Vinyl (PU Vinyl)

Alagro - Black Loveseat(Fabric) CH 14-55711
Dimension : P200 x L90 x T100 cm
Material : Fabric Vinyl (PU Vinyl)

Alagro - Black Recliner(Fabric) CH 14-55712
Dimension : P107 x L90 x T100 cm
Material : Fabric Vinyl (PU Vinyl)

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