Preston - Sectional Sofa (Laf/Raf/Armless*3/Corner) (BR 6736LBO-372021)

IDR 232,450,000.00 464,900,000.00
Preston - Sectional Sofa (Laf/Raf/Armless*3/Corner) (BR 6736LBO-372021) 1 1
When it comes to versatility Bernhardt's offerings meet the demands of the most stylish and sophisticated shoppers. This piece is designed for the utmost in flexibility it can be placed seamlessly into a casual or a refined setting.

Preston Left Arm Chair (Br 6736lbo-372021)
Dimension : P89 x 94 x 89 Cm 

Preston Right Arm Chair (Br 6735lbo-372021)
Dimension : P89 x 94 x 89cm 

Preston Armless Chair (Br 6730lbo-372021)
Dimension : P81 x 94 x 89 Cm

Preston Corner Chair (Br 6732lbo-372021)
Dimension : P94 x 94 x 89Cm

Material : Leather
Weigth : kg

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