Pacifica Bed + 2 NS (CH 48-SBT677-NS)

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Pacifica Bed + 2 NS (CH 48-SBT677-NS) 5 5
The Pacifica Platform Bed is expertly crafted from solid New Zealand Radiata wood. The bed is hand finished with a rich multi-coat Espresso stain revealing naturally beautiful wood grain undertones. The Pacifica Collection features modern paneling and clean lines for a handsome and stylish look with enduring value and timeless appeal. Inspired by a contemporary sensibility, the Pacifica bed demonstrates the essentials of beauty and versatility with a modern look.

Pacifica Bed + 2 NS (CH 48-SBT677-NS)
Pacifica - King Bed HB Full Leather 180 x 200 (CH 48-SBT677-K1)
Pacifica - King Bed FB - Vinyl (CH 48-SBT677-K2)
Pacifica - King Bed - Vinyl (CH 48-SBT677-K3)
Perth Universal Slat Roll (CH 48-SLAT-ROLL)

Dimension Bed : P x L x T cm
Dimensi Mattrass : P 180 x L 200 cm 
Material : Leather/Vinyl
Weight : Kg 

Pacifica - Nightstand (CH 48-SBT677-NS) (2)
Dimension :  P x L x T cm
Material : Leather/Vinyl
Weight : Kg 

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