Malibu Crest Sectional Sofa with 2 Chair (AC 9007822-PEARL-822)

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Malibu Crest Sectional Sofa with 2 Chair (AC 9007822-PEARL-822) 2 2

The Malibu Crest 3 Piece Sofa is designed with a luxurious curve and easily-arranged pieces. Whether you connect all three pieces together or use the center armless chair on its own, your living room look is entirely in your hands.
Malibu Crest is made for dynamic and luxurious living spaces. The warm finishes, pearl toned marble, and eye-catching curves are centered by the customizable style and dramatic design. Perfection has never been so infinite.
Upholstered in frosted linen in a Pearl color | Designed with a curved shape | Can be rearranged into a 2 piece or 3 piece sofa | Feet and bottom trim are finished in Chardonnay | Comes with 7 accent pillows

Michael Amini was inspired by such outstanding and enduring architecture as the magnificent ancient ruins of Greece, palaces of Russia, from the sunny hillsides of Tuscany to the quaint, charming cafes of a crowded Paris street. Life and iconic people with a sense of style inspires Michael Amini. We live in a beautiful world, and all we have to do is observe it. In addition to Michael’s passion for design and fashion, he strives to lead by example in producing unmatched quality combining Old World craftsmanship with the most modern production techniques. Michael believes that furniture should not only bring a beautiful and sophisticated aesthetic into the home, but provide functionality to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumer.

Malibu Crest - Laf Loveseat Pearl - Chardonnay AC 9007822-PEARL-822
Malibu Crest - Armless Chair Pearl - Chardonnay  (AC 9007830-PEARL-822)
Malibu Crest - Raf Loveseat Pearl - Chardonnay (AC 9007823-PEARL-822)
Dimension : P 444 x 88 x 81 cm
Material : Chardonnay & Velvet
Weight : Kg

Malibu Crest - Chair CLDWH - Chardonnay (AC 9007835-CLDWH-822) (2)
Dimension : 102 x 94 x 78 cm
Material : Chardonnay & Velvet
Weight : Kg

By : Malindafurniture

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