Floating Island In Brass (JR JRA-11713)

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Floating Island In Brass (JR JRA-11713) 2 2
Design is at the heart of John-Richard. They are inspired by history, provenance, great foreign cultures, exotic materials and finishes as well as the particular talents of superb artisans. Each season, they aim to delight customers with unexpected details such as unusual veneers and carving, reverse painted glass with art motifs as well as natural agate and crystal accents. 

Enjoy the Floating Island in Brass in your home today! Slightly mysterious, this sculpture emotes a feeling of floating islands, accentuated by a hand-rubbed white over brass finish. Disclaimer: This item is made by hand using artisanal primitive bending and welding techniques. The imperfections in the seams and body are reflections of the piece's handmade nature and are part of its innate beauty.
Floating Island In Brass (JR JRA-11713)

Dimension : P94 x 13 x 55 cm
Material : Brass
Weight : Kg

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