Doll House - Loft Shelf Unit (AS B140-17)

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Doll House - Loft Shelf Unit (AS B140-17) 1 1
Seemingly pulled straight from the pages of a fairy tale, the enchanting beauty of the "Doll House" youth bedroom collection is sure to magically transform the atmosphere of any child's bedroom. Bathed in charming multi-colored pastel paints, the green, lavendar, pink, and yellow colors works together to create a dreamlike quality that will awaken any child's imagination. With the pink and yellow flower motif handles and the artistic traditional silhouette style, this collection resembles a finely crafted work of art that any child is sure to fall in love with. Give your child the bedroom they have been dreaming of with the imaginative quality of the "Doll House" youth bedroom collection.

Dimension : 46 x 43 x 71 cm

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