Adela Conversation Sofa / Chair / 2 Accent Chair (S C010-016-012-A)

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Adela Conversation Sofa / Chair / 2 Accent Chair (S C010-016-012-A) 1 1

Punctuated by carved, ribbon-detailed “wings” that cap the edges of each arm, this sofa has a sleek profile with a graceful inward curve creating a long line from arm to arm. The design is accented by an exposed frame that is detailed in Blush Taupe; however, similarities to cabriole sofas of the past end there. The sofa is upholstered in a fashionable, creamy boucle fabric that has a soft shimmer. The dramatic cutout in the back lends a sculptural tone to the piece. A beautiful quilted pattern wraps the sofa’s exterior. A single curvaceous bench seat lends plush comfort to this generously proportioned piece that is accented with six contrasting throw pillows in textured tones ranging from violet to lavender.


Springdown cushion
No sag seat
Feather down pillow
Feather down pillows
Two soft close drawers
Top drawer with silkscreen pattern on drawer bottom in Blush Taupe
Glass shelf with beveled edges and painted Blush Taupe on back
Base has accents in Blush Taupe
Finger pull function on drawers

Adela - Sofa Conversation (S C010-016-012-A )

Dimensi: 267 x 112 x 84 cm
Material :Fabric
Weight : Kg

Adela - Chair (S C010-016-035-A)

Dimensi: 81 x 90 x 77 cm
Material : Fabric
Weight : Kg

Adela - Accent Chair (2) ( S C010-016-131-A)

Dimensi: 81 x 90 x 77 cm
Material : Fabric
Weight : Kg

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